Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

National Geographic. The white yellow magazine’s self-criticism or a national publicity stunt?

Something that ‘we’ all knew.  According to this NPR article, National Geographic has realized by itself a long tradition of racism in its coverage, in its text, its choice of … Continue reading

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¿Donde esta papa? Redadas de ICE ponen en riesgo integridad familiar.

“ICE utiliza el miedo para que nos volvamos a ocultar y no hagamos nada”.  Un grupo de abogados manifestaron que ICE esta bloqueando cualquier comunicación con los detenidos. Básicamente ICE … Continue reading

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Chilean writer Fernando A. Torres shines in the anthology The Best New Writing 2018.

Hopewell Publications launches The Best New Writing 2018 Fernando A. Torres wrote the story “Head Stew” as part of an unpublished collection of short stories, all based on the experiences … Continue reading

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Escritor chileno Fernando A. Torres brilla en la antología Lo Mejor de la Nueva Escritura 2018.

“Este podría ser un reconocimiento y un gran homenaje para todos ‘mis muertos‘ y amigos desaparecidos y un despertador para todos aquellos que tienen aún durmiendo historias en sus cabezas”. … Continue reading

March 5, 2018 · 1 Comment

La inmigración no es un problema político es un problema humano. Con cada ataque se ataca a la vida misma.

Con cada ataque, se ataca a la vida misma dicen líderes nacionales de inmigración. ¿Que significa cuando uno escapa la persecución, la violencia, la discriminación y venir acá a América … Continue reading

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Monument commemorates victims of first terrorist attack on US soil

A Chilean and American monument to Pinochet bombing victims rises in Washington. CIA agent Michael Vernon Townley (with several Cuban terrorists), currently living under federal witness protection, confessed, was convicted, and … Continue reading

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Graham urged Nixon to bomb dikes in Vietnam knowing that it would kill a million civilians

Graham gave his blessing to every conflict under every president … pleased to enjoy public assurance of God’s approval, made him welcome in the White House. Graham went so far … Continue reading

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Cities Give ICE License Plate Information. 

Although State Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s January announcement that any business in California that cooperates with federal immigration officials will face prosecution, a report revealed that at least 14 California cities … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Angry Shopper. Road rage? now is aisle rage.

“Retail rage” is real and buyers are angrier than ever. Violence at malls and big-box stores is on the rise. If you find that shopping online gets your blood pressure … Continue reading

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Playing with fire? Feds bullying Berkeley over immigration

Berkeley is one of 23 jurisdictions nationwide to be targeted by the US Department of Justice in a crackdown on cities, counties and states not complying with federal immigration policy. … Continue reading

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