Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

LatinOpen Magazine turns four

We promise to do what any four-year-old would do.

This month LatinOpen Magazine turns four

By Fernando A. Torres

cuatroan%cc%83osThis month LatinOpen Magazine turns four and we want to thank our faithful followers by continuing ricocheting some of the great stories that get lost in the sometimes-confusing fury of cyber space, writing our own stuff, and trying to be as much bilingual/liberal as we can. We have an average of 30 visitors a day and that’s is definitely a great excuse to rise our wine glasses way up in the air.

The#1 story, the one our readers continuously keep coming back to it, that people keep reading almost daily is not about politics or wars, it is about… *

But let’s pause by taking a look at what the scientists say about the four years old. A time when language improves to carry on a decent conversation. Thought, vocabulary and curiosity grows and logic and feelings began to develop. At the same time, the “terribly four” is when we become obnoxious, pushy and sometimes mean. Attention span and concept of time also improves significantly and, as we use more complex sentences, reading and writing began to take hold.

Yeah! While waiting four more years, until November 3, 2020, to see if our President improves in all these areas, including his ability to speak in full sentences, we at LatinOpen promises to do what any four-year-old would do.

Muchas Gracias

Fernando A. Torres, Editor LatinOpen Magazine.

* The story is Can the Condor return to the Andes? / ¿Puede el cóndor regresar a los andes? A touching piece in Spanish about the extinction of the condor in the Andes by Peruvian writer Jorge Zavaleta Alegre


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