Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

Francisco Herrera: Let’s Fight for the Last Working Class District in San Francisco

We have one last chance to fight for an affordable district before all working class people are pushed out by investors and ruthless speculators. By Francisco Herrera. Aug. 25, 2016

Let’s Fight for the Last Working Class District in San Francisco

Herrera District11District 11 is the last working class neighborhood in this city. In Excelsior, the median price of a property has doubled in 5 years.

We have one last chance to fight for an affordable district before all working class people are pushed out by investors and ruthless speculators, the 1%. If we let that happen, what do you think will happen to our district and the rest of San Francisco? What will happen to the people who built this city? The people who drive the trains and make the Amazon Prime deliveries? Who will teach the children? Who will fix the broken pipes and refurbish the apartments? Support my campaign for supervisor and I will fight for you, for working class families.

With your support, my campaign will strive to begin a Green New Deal, to make District 11 a livable district for working class families. As your Supervisor, I will focus on:

  1. Housing security; work together to secure Protection from eviction, Preservation of present housing and Development of affordable new homes; we must change the regressive property tax — today’s flax tax is the same for millionaires as for people on minimum wage — I will work with you to make property tax progressive as was the original spirit of income tax law. I will also propose an intangible tax (on stocks and securities, etc) for those who invest in such products, so that we are able to raise the city housing budget to provide housing for those in need.
  2. Education; k-12 & tuition free City College for low income families; introduce new after school programs (eg. Excelsior Science project & Bicis del barrio) and housing security for our teachers.

3. Access to public health for seniors; food security in the OMI, with a full service grocery store, and a reduction of noise pollution from low flying airplanes in the Outer Mission.

4. Police accountability; real investigations, results & appropriate use of force; I will be the ‘Soft on crime’ candidate. Most politicians are ‘tough on crime’ and deploy this subtle racist language to incarcerate men of color around the country. Instead, I will work with the police and business owners to find economic opportunities for at risk youth who lack mentorning and family support, I will work to ensure justice for the families of Alex Nieto, Jessica Nelson (Williams), Amilcar Lopez, Mario Woods & Luis Pat Gongora.

5. Worker rights; work across industry sectors to replicate the success of the recent Janitor’s strike and subsequent negotiations. I support union membership and workers rights’ to organize.

6. Business; support our small and medium businesses, the economic engine of D11, taking example from the good work of the Mission Federal Credit Union to support locally owned small businesses.

7. Funding for the Arts; an increase in funding for programs to support low income artists and musicians.

8. Clean parks; and a solution to the continued flooding in Excelsior

9. Transport; Fare-free MUNI and BART for low income people and improved Balboa BART station and services (open toilets, better wheelchair access, etc)

San Francisco, like the country, needs a Green New Deal and District 11 can be an example of what a fairer society looks like in America. We will bring the collective wisdom of D11 to City hall and implement a people’s platform that makes working folk the priority, not the 1%.

There is no reason tens of thousands of people in a city with a 9 billion dollar budget should be experiencing homelessness, living in cars, bunching up in living rooms and in garages. District 11 is the last working class neighborhood in the city and for San Francisco to survive, we must stay and flourish. We must fight to make this city more affordable for our seniors, our children, our young families, our homeowners and tenants on fixed income and the retiring population.

Our district enjoys friendly neighbors who are willing to have open conversations and support each other (eg OMI Neighbors in Action, Excelsior works, etc). We have long been ignored by City Hall and found a way to solve problems ourselves. We have taken initiative to develop the process of re-zoning above 26’ in the ocean corridor and to create and clean the Minnie and Lovie Rec Center. An example of how people got together, organized and cleaned it. Next up, the Crocker Amazon play structure on Moscow needs cleaning.

With me as your supervisor, we can build on this life-loving spirit to create a people’s platform that will enrich the lives of working folk and be an example for the rest of the city and country. As your Supervisor, I won’t be absent. I will be your person in City Hall. I will listen to your concerns and fears and fight for you. I can only do this with your support.

If we fight now, we can make life affordable for working people and families in District 11. Please donate $11 to help me get elected in District 11.

Francisco Herrera


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