Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

Yo voy a votar ¿Y tú? / I will vote, and you?

To reach 1 million people and register 10,000 Latinos to vote, to amplify the power of the Latino vote and to invest in Latino-led organizations. By the Latino Community Foundation. Aug 24, 2016

Yo voy a votar ¿Y tú? / I will vote, and you?

Voy a VotarThe Latino Community Foundation is joining forces with NextGen California and Latin Life to mobilize the Latino vote for the 2016 Election. The multi-media campaign, Yo Voy a Votar ¿Y Tú? (I will vote, and you?) is set to reach one million people and register 10,000 Latinos to vote. Our mission is to amplify the power of the Latino vote and invest in Latino-led organizations that have the expertise in building lasting political power.

LCF has partnered with three Latino organizations – Mi Familia VotaSIREN, and Fathers and Families of San Joaquin – to recruit, train and deploy over 100 bilingual canvassers to register voters at the upcoming concerts. 

The Yo Voy a Votar ¿Y Tú? Campaign  will kick-off with voter registration drives at four major music concerts by world renowned artists Juan Gabriel, Marco Antonio Solis and Marc Anthony, in four key cities: Fresno, Stockton, San Jose, and Los Angeles.

We invite you to join our campaign! Volunteer at the upcoming concerts. Share your reason for voting and contribute to our blog posts. Spread the word through social media using #LatinosVote. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @LatinoCommFdn. Reach out to your friends and family – help register others to vote. We need YOU to be part of this campaign!  

Click here to volunteer your time and talent. 

At LCF, we will honor Hispanic Heritage Month by investing in civic engagement and mobilizing the power of Latinos! There are only 62 days left to register.



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