Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

Victor Jara Trial Day #3 in Florida.

Joan Jara took the stand to complete the day, questioned by CJA’s Kathy Roberts. She spoke eloquently and impact-fully about her life with Victor and the meaning of his torture and death.  Center for Justice & Accountability. June 15, 2016

Victor Jara Trial Day #3 in Florida.

 juicio_jaraOpening statements for Jara v Barrientos started on Monday at 2:00.  CJA pro bono counsel and Chadbourne Parke partner, Mark Beckett, presented the opening statement for the Jara family.  He said:

 •       “Victor Jara passionately believed his music could change the world.”

•       “This case is about some measure of real justice.”

•       “Victor’s only weapon was his guitar.”

•       “Victor was targeted because he was a symbol of the democratically elected government.”

•       “This case is as much about his life as it is about his death.”

 Barriento’s attorney argued primarily that Chile was being invaded by communists from Cuba, but more to the point that Barrientos did not torture or murder Jara.

 Joan Jara then took the stand to complete the day, questioned by CJA’s Kathy Roberts.  She spoke eloquently and impact-fully about her life with Victor and the meaning of his torture and death.  She said plainly about the impact to her, “My life was cut in two.”  All in attendance leaned forward in rapt attention.

 The updates for Day Two of Jara v. Barrientos is in the form of tweets.  Those interested can follow us @CJA_News

 1. Day 2 of ‪#JaraTrial is on its way in ‪#Orlando. This morning, Manuela Bunster, daughter of slain ‪#Chile‘an singer ‪#VictorJara, gave testimony

2. Manuela Bunster: “[My father’s] songs helped me through the pain of his loss.” ‪#JaraTrial ‪#VictorJaraVive ‪#Chile

3. Manuela Bunster at ‪#JaraTrial: “We weren’t the only ones who this was happening to…my fellow students had been beaten.” ‪#VictorJara

4. ‪#Chile‘an journalist Monica Gonazles testified at ‪#JaraTrial: “Jara represented [courage] through songs he sang with dignity” ‪#VictorJara

5. Ex-‪#Chile‘an conscript Jose Navarette at ‪#JaraTrial: “Barrientos used to make comments that he killed ‪#VictorJara, shooting him twice…”

6. Jose Navarette testifies at ‪#JaraTrial: “Barrientos always showed his pistol. He said, ‘this is the one that I killed [‪#VictorJara] with.'”

7. Monica Gonzales testifies at ‪#JaraTrial: “There was an incident where young people were killed for listening to ‪#VictorJara songs.” ‪#Chile

8. Cpl. under Barrientos @ Estadio ‪#Chile detention ctr. confirms : “Barrientos was placing the guards in each one of the posts.” ‪#JaraTrial

9. Happening right now at ‪#JaraTrial: Corporal at Estadio ‪#Chile detention center (now ‪#VictorJara Stadium): “Barrientos organized the guard.”

10. Ex-‪#Chile military corporal @ ‪#JaraTrial: “The officers in charge of Chile Stadium from the guard were Lt. ‪#Barrientos and Lt. Rodroguez”.

11. Were your favorite artists inspired by the life & work of ‪#VictorJara? Tweet‪#JaraTrial and ‪#VictorJaraVive to them!

 Day Three of Jara v. Barrientos has just ended.  We heard today from Erica Osorio Araya. Ms. Osorio was student at the State Technical University where Victor Jara taught. She described the day that the military laid siege to the university during the Pinochet coup.  She along with Victor and others at the university had taken refuge in a dining hall below the gym.  Soldiers entered, forced them against the walls and beat them with their pistols.

 Once out doors in the courtyard, she witnessed a soldier approach Victor and tell his commander, “’This is Victor Jara!’”  The commander responded, “’So you’re the singer of the people.  Sing now, piece of shit.”  Soldiers threw him to the ground and Ms. Osorio could hear loud blows being delivered to Victor’s body.

 Osorio described the environment inside Chile Stadium.  An announcer said, “Attention, human sewage pipes.  Human squalor.  You are war prisoners.  And you may all die here.”  Osorio heard that death threat multiple times.  She watched as several prisoners were killed. 

 Ms. Osorio was presented with a photo array of six young men in uniform and asked if she recognized any.  She circled one.  It was Barrientos.  She says she saw him talk to the announcer, after which the announcer proclaimed, “Now I know what we are going to do with you.” 

 She says she saw Victor Jara at the stadium and had seen other university leaders, stripped, and in a tortured state.

 Ms. Osorio’s riveting testimony was bookended by testimony of four conscripts who served at the Engineering School of Tejas Verdes, in both the same regiment and company of Barrientos.

They all confirmed that Barrientos was at Chile Stadium. One saw him arrive with a briefcase on multiple occasions when he would have meetings at the Stadium.  He also saw Barrientos every day at formation. He confirmed the violent atmosphere inside the Stadium testifying that prisoners were beaten with weapons.  He saw corpses being delivered to ambulances.  He said about 40 prisoners were ordered to run out of the Stadium down the main street of Santiago where they were shot dead.  He says he saw Victor Jara at the Stadium.

 Another conscript testified that he saw Barrientos signing a logbook on several occasions, a book that was delivered to military command daily.

 Another conscript confirmed that Barrientos gave the orders for sections 2 and 3 of their company to grab rifles, go to the War Arsenal, then the presidential palace and then to Chile Stadium.  He saw Barrientos speaking with other officers at Chile Stadium on multiple occasions.  The testimony underscores the role and responsibility Barrientos played at Chile Stadium. ##


LatinOpen’s Note.-  From the campaign to extradite Barrientos Nuñez: Dear friends, Thank you for signing the petition: President Obama: Extradite Victor Jara’s executioner. So far we have collected 1,552 signatures. This is a crucial moment. On June 13, 2016, The Center for Justice and Accountability, CJA, will go to trial in a Florida courtroom against Pedro Pablo Barrientos Nuñez. Barrientos has been living in Florida for 20 years, and has never faced justice for his crimes. In the words of  Víctor Jara’s widow, CJA client Joan Jara, “Víctor’s case is so important not just for us, but for all the families that are still suffering because of the brutality and the terrible crimes committed in those years.”  CJA needs to raise at least $30,000 by June 30th, to cover the expenses for this case and other ongoing investigations. CJA is 100% funded by private donations from supporters like you. We ask you make a special gift today to help CJA find justice for the Jara family and to continue sharing with your friends the petitionThank you very much

The Resurrecctión of Victor Jara: Film  




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