Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

Sureando; Vozibajo / Rambling through the South; A concert with Mochi Parra and David Pinto

MochiCard SMLLSureando; Vozibajo / Rambling through the South; Voice and Bass

A  concert with acclaimed vocalist Mochi Parra and bassist virtuoso David Pinto

There is a difference between listening through your ears and listening through your heart and there is nothing better than a song to elucidate the former and the voice of Mochi for the latter.

And you are in for a treat; gearing up for one of her rare full concert Chilean Mochi Parra teams up with bassist virtuoso Peruvian David Pinto to present Sureando; Vozibajo / Rambling through the South; Voice and Bass, a concert of Latin and South American musical jewels that will set a precedent in the boundless possibilities of these two instruments.

Last December, during the vital Encuentro Festival in San Francisco, Mochi and David gave out a little taste of what their concert will be when they unveiled an amazing arrangement of the late Rafael Manriquez’s The Hand. Who said that voice and bass is not enough? Pinto’s six stringed bass seemed to dialogue with Mochi interpretation. Voice and bass amalgamated to created an exquisite orchestration followed by a well-merited barrage of applauses.

 A concert cellist and performer since she was 5 year old, Mochi Parra was born in the rural town of Parral. From the folk songs of her native Chile, her repertoire stretched out to embrace songs from all over South and Central America and the Caribbean. With her captivating voice and dainty hand-picked repertoire she has delved into remarkable collaborations with musicians such as Carlos Hayre, Juan Falu, Carlos Mejia Godoy and Rafael Manriquez.

 Music teacher at the Berkeley’s Jazz School, David Pinto is known internationally for his work as music director, arranger, and bassist for Grammy-winner Susana Baca. He was member of Peru Jazz, a group highly praised for their innovation and fusion of Peruvian roots and jazz. David also leads the group Syncopated Colors.

 Rambling through the South; Voice and Bass
 A concert with Mochi Parra  & David Pinto
 Saturday, March 15, 2014. 7pm. $15.
 Red Poppy Art House .
 2698 Folson St. SF. CA. 94114.




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