Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

Ask Gov. Brown to Ban Freaking Fracking Immediately


Send Gov. Brown a fax to ban fracking

Dear California MoveOn member,

If the titans of the oil industry thought they could frack their way through California with abandon, they were wrong—and MoveOn members made that clear last week, as we joined with 100 partner organizations at events in 15 cities to launch the statewide coalition Californians Against Fracking.

As MoveOn member Patricia Law told the San Diego Union-Tribune while she delivered petitions to her Assemblymember’s local office:  “We don’t need to be getting these dirty energy schemes into our state when we could go for clean energy.”1 

Can you help kick off this statewide campaign by sending a free fax to Gov. Brown, to let him know you want him to ban fracking immediately?

Click here to send your free fax to Gov. Brown. 

MoveOn members and allies at CREDO, Food & Water Watch, Center for Biological Diversity, and others launched Californians Against Fracking to ban fracking in the state—which Gov. Brown has the power to do. While Gov. Brown has in the past embraced the oil industry with open arms, he sees himself as an environmental leader committed to stopping climate change, and recently expressed caution about fracking.2 We can win, but we need to raise our voices loud enough for the governor to hear our message.

Your fax will add to the momentum that MoveOn members and allies have been building around the state. Here’s just some of what MoveOn members accomplished recently:

  • Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox joined hundreds of MoveOn members and allies in Los Angeles last week to deliver 100,000 petition signatures to Gov. Brown as part of the Californians Against Fracking launch. The rallies in LA and San Francisco earned media coverage in the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Press Enterprise, the New Scientist, KPCC, Good Morning San Diego, ABC 10 News, Fox 11 News, and others.
  • On the same day, MoveOn members delivered petitions to 14 Assemblymembers at their local offices. More than 30 people gathered in San Luis Obispo, where members are also pushing for a ban on fracking at the city level. And just in the last month, MoveOn members have launched petition campaigns targeting 50 of the 80 total Assembly members. These campaigns are locally led, meaning lawmakers are being held accountable by their own constituents.
  • Culver City MoveOn member and mom Aura Walker has gathered signatures from more than 34,000 Californians on her petition calling for a ban on fracking, and generated hundreds of phone calls to state lawmakers.3 She inspired nine-year-old Siena Lorraine of Carlsbad to start her own petition; the Los Angeles Times covered Siena’s delivery of her petition to Gov. Brown’s office last week.4

The oil industry is hoping to unlock 15 billion barrels of previously inaccessible oil that lies beneath farms and homes from San Francisco to Los Angeles, using a mix of toxic chemicals, sand, and massive amounts of already-scarce water.5 In Pennsylvania, where gas fracking has surged in the last five years, incidents of drinking water contamination have increased fivefold—and fracking is also known to cause earthquakes and contribute to climate change.6

Gov. Brown has the power to ban this dangerous form of drilling—and when we act together, MoveOn members have the power to influence his decision.

Click here to send Governor Jerry Brown a free fax to let him know you want him to ban fracking immediately.

As MoveOn members rallied last Thursday, the Assembly voted down a bill that in its original form would have placed a moratorium on fracking. This bill was written by Assembly Member Holly Mitchell, whose Culver City district sits atop the largest urban oil field in the country. A week earlier, Assembly leadership had watered down Mitchell’s bill—but a year ago, no one thought a moratorium bill could even make it to the floor of the Assembly.

Our movement is growing, and lawmakers across the state are on notice.

Thanks for all you do.

–Victoria, Joan, Matt B., Linda, and the rest of the team

P.S. To see pictures from Thursday’s petition deliveries, click here. 


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