Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

Attacks on journalism in Argentina

2012: 172 attacks on journalists and their infrastructure reported in Argentina. By Fernando Andrés Torres. LatinOpen.

According to the study Monitoring Freedom of Expression (MFE), 172 cases of assault on journalists and media were reported in 2012 in Argentina. 70% of the victims were males, 12% females and 16% were attacks against property.

The assault cases were physical and psychological. 23% of the victims were radio journalists and 21 of the attackers were identified as city officials. Other cases involved harassment, restrictions to coverage and access to sources, censorship and judicial harassment. The total number represents an increase of 41% compared to 2011 when 122 cases were reported.

“The brutal increase … is truly alarming … We are deeply insert in a society where the resolution of differences (including those that do not become conflict) are resolved in a violent way, and the system is increasingly less tolerant with a journalistic profession that is not condescending, subservient or subject to political or economic interests opposed to the essence of the profession; to serve society,” said MFE’s report.

One Argentinean journalist was killed in 2012. In the same year, a report by the Commission to Investigate Crimes Against Journalists (CIAP-Felap, acronym in Spanish) revealed that 45 journalists and media workers were killed in eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The study is part of the Argentine’s Journalism Forum an organization created in 2002 “to help improve the quality of journalism through professional training, raising the ethical standards and defending freedom of expression.” ###



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