Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

45 journalists killed in Latin America and the Caribbean.


45 journalists killed in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2012 reports Commission to Investigate Crimes Against Journalists. By Fernando Andrés Torres.

report  by the Commission to Investigate Crimes Against Journalists (CIAP, acronym in Spanish) revealed that in 2012, 45 journalists and media workers were killed in eight countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The report, that paradoxically had very little coverage in the mainstream media worldwide, said the highest death toll included Mexico with 17 murders, Brazil 10, and Honduras with 9 victims. The average age of victims stands at 38 years.

In Brazil, crimes flared up in border areas controlled by corrupt political leaders and the narco and arms smuggling cartels. Journalist Eduardo Carvalho, 52, was killed on November 22, 2012, in Campo Grande, Brazil, a border town with Paraguay and Bolivia. Owner and editor of the Internet news site Ultima Hora News de Campo Grande, Carvalho received death threats since 2011.

The killings in Honduras worsened since the coup against Manuel Zelaya in June 2009. Since then 27 journalist have been killed. Alexander Erick Martinez Avila, 32, a journalist and congressional candidate was kidnapped on May 5, 2012, and found dead two days later. He was member of the party of former President Manuel Zelaya, and co-founder and director of the political movement Los Necios and the organizations for the defense of sexual minorities Diversity in Resistance Movement and the Kukulcan Association.

CIAP was founded in 1991 by the International Federation of Journalists (FELAP, acronym in Spanish) an organization associated to the UNESCO; The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. CIAP was launched in response to concerns about the safety and protection of journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean. Yearly, CIAP gathers information, reports and statistics about killings, attacks, disappearances and other human rights violations against journalists while exercising the profession.


Countries          Murders

Mexico                      17

Brazil                        10

Honduras                 9

Bolivia                       4

Colombia                  2

Argentina                 1

Ecuador                    1

Haiti                           1

Total                         45


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