Aunque todo lo dicho no sea cierto, todo lo cierto no está dicho.

While not all that is said is true, not all that is truth is told.

The happiest countries on the planet are in South America.


In North Africa and the Middle East are the saddest countries. Singapore is the least expressive emotionally while the Philippines and El Salvador are the most expressive. Iraq is the saddest country; Panama the happiest. By Fernando Andres Torres.-

A survey about emotions in 150 countries by the Gallup agency found that the saddest countries are in North Africa and the Middle East. Iraq, Bahrain and Palestine were the countries that had more negative emotions while the most happiest countries on the planet are located in South America. Panama, Paraguay, and Venezuela, among them, were shown to have more positive emotions.

The questions asked over a thousand adults per country, included positive emotions such as enjoyment, relaxation, respect, laughter and interesting activities. Negative emotions included concern, sadness, anger, stress and physical pain.

The results of the survey conducted in 2012, revealed three groups of countries: one with more positive emotions, more negative ones, and those more emotionally expressive (expressing positive and negative emotions at once). Among the latter are the Philippines, followed by El Salvador, Bahrain, Oman, Colombia, Chile, Guatemala, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Nicaragua. The least emotional in the world are: Singapore, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

United States ranked in the 15th place of the more emotionally expressive. A high income may influence emotional wellbeing up to a point. Nobel Prize economist Daniel Kahneman found that the fact that a person earns more than $75,000 a year has little effect on the quality of her life.

The study did not investigate the roots of emotional expressiveness but made clear that wealth, development and underdevelopment are not major factors. The South American countries are more emotionally expressive while those in North America, Eastern Europe are less expressive with their emotions.

In some cases, says the report, the level of happiness is related to poverty, war and other national stressors. The Palestinians, for example, suffer from poor economic conditions, domestic political conflict and war. The survey reveals that the wealth of a country does not necessarily have to do with the wellbeing of its population. Singapore, the less emotionally expressive, has the largest GDP in the world and a very low unemployment, however, respondents experiencing positive emotions were relatively few. # # #

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